onsdag den 30. januar 2013

10 TING som CHIEF KEEF faktisk digger

Som vi tidligere har nævnt, så er vi ret hooked på Chief Keef og hans track "I don't like". Men der er faktisk også ting, som han godt kan lide. Complexmusik har taget en snak med den unge rapper og her følger listen:

1. Høj musik:
"Yep. Especially for everybody that hate being sober"

2. Swisher Sweets:
 "I smoked Swishers because that's what we smoke where I'm from, shit."

3. Store huse:
 "Just got me a new one. Got the key in my pocket. Granny and everybody's gonna be there."

4. Bentleys
 "I got to ride in one in L.A.—nah, in Miami, my bad, my bad."

5. Strippere
 "Yep. Fuck everybody, man. I fuck all the strippers. Put that on your fuckin' Complex. Yeah I did all the strippers. It don't matter though, I'm a grown-ass man, I'm a grown-ass young boy. I do what I wanna do, I'm from O-Block! Fuck outta here, man [laughs]."

6. Bælter fra modehuset Hermes
 "Yep. Just bought two new ones. White and gold. Just like the belts and the buckles."

7. Instagram/SosaGram
"Pictures and bitches. I follow all the stripper hoes." "[I'm most proud of] pictures of me and my daughter."

8. Moncler
"I bought all the vests and the coats. Ain't no more that I ain't got. Except for the weak ones, or the ones that's doing too much. L.A., Hollywood." (Beefys mor har også en Moncler-jakke. Så gangsta er hun)

9. Polo Pajamas
"Only when I'm around the house, though." (Beefy har det på præcis samme måde)

10. Fendi "Belts and shirts and shit? Yeah. They got some hot stuff. I ain't bought nothing by them, all I buy by them is my daughter's clothes right now."

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